Mold industry to follow the Internet

The information comes from:the Internet posted on:2020-07-29

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile terminal equipment grew in popularity, rely on 3G, 4G network and powerful cloud services to support the mobile marketing, promotion gradually infiltrated into every industry, brought to the traditional industry in the impact at the same time it also brings great opportunities, hardware & Machinery & mould industry nature is unavoidable.

In recent years, industry of our country hardware machinery mould despite the certain development, but the industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, a large number of small hardware machinery mould manufacturing enterprises need to expand the scale of enterprises, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, to cope with the fierce competition situation. Traditional promotion, marketing model has been unable to meet the hardware machinery mould industry development needs, from the traditional offline marketing mode changes for online marketing, from PC to mobile client, hardware & Machinery & mould industry follow the pace of the mobile Internet, with tight to the trend of the times, entered the era of mobile Internet marketing.

Dongguan Hardware & Machinery & mould industry is developed, the hardware machinery mould manufacturing for many enterprises, is China the most important equipment products distribution center and its far-reaching influence, inside the industrial district professional market Jinming International Machinery Mould City cater to the market demand, timely introduction of a mobile client for his golden machine through. “Gold machine through comprehensive mobile Internet information service platform to information sharing, trade products and provide solutions to service based, relying on the mobile Internet is a powerful media advantage, primarily for the machinery and hardware mold enterprises to provide industry information, product information to promote, micro marketing, industrial products online sales services. Through the platform, hardware machinery mould manufacturing enterprise can achieve the delivery of online orders, the user in the download installation the client, not only can anytime, anywhere query hardware mold machinery industry information, and on the platform of product selection, also in the platform to complete the order transaction.

In this way, enterprise and customer groups the successful implementation of the seamless docking, and for enterprises to develop new marketing channels to increase the sales of the products, can also to upgrade the hardware & Machinery &mould industry, information management, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, expand the economic profits of enterprises and enterprises to boost the transformation and development.

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